This feels right.

Well, Hello there!
As many of you already know, I dabbled in the world of blogging a few years ago. Before I made my babies and before my food world became busier and turned into a business….so here I am now.
Right now, I have a few minutes to spare to write, take pictures and share. So I thought. what the hay, let’s do this. I’ve wanted to be apart of the blogger community for some time – no idea if anyone will read this or come back to visit, but I hope to find another creative outlet for myself.
At this point, this blog will be about lifestyle including food, my life as a personal chef, kids, food, wine, family, products I love, food, travel, life and more food. I know it is a process and an evolving one.
I am ready for the ride. Are you? Hope you like what you see here and come back often – comments are always appreciated too. It’s nice to hear that I’m not talking to the wall – although somethings it’s nice.
Enough rabbling. Let’s do this!

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