We all need it.

Sleep. Some more than others. Some less than others. But we do all need it!


Lack of sleep has challenged me more than I ever knew it could or would. I didn’t understand the true importance of a good nights sleep, each night.

I remember catching a red eye flight, or partying a little too hard one night or going to bed late and waking up early…but those nights were nothing compared to what I was about to experience. Short but solid sleep was easy for me to get back on track with. The interrupted nights of sleep are what really impacted my life.

When I had my second child, I didn’t really get why they use sleep deprivation as torture. Honestly, it makes you go cray cray (crazy).


This here little girl, was a little bit of a challenge in the whole sleep department from day one. I’m not sure why and probably will never know – but we didn’t need to understand why, we just wanted to get her to sleep so we could go to sleep.

To this day, it is still a challenge for us. It is something we continue to learn about with her and try to teach her about.

Everyone has their methods. And trust me everyone has told us their tricks or ways through this madness. It hasn’t always been helpful, but I do appreciate the thoughts and concerns from everyone.

I cringe when people tell me their newborns sleep through the night – those missed nights of sleep are long in our past but I do get a tiny bit jealous.

Throughout the last 2 years, we have learned that consistency is key. Travel or a change in our schedule never helped…so that basically meant that I needed to be strict with naps and night time routine and not to travel. Ha. Well we did our best, but we also wanted to show her that she was safe to sleep in any environment.

As I think of our sleep last night, I keep reminding myself that it’s a journey and I’ll sleep again some day. More iced coffee’s will be purchased…thank gosh my kids are cute and I quickly forget the trials.


All this sleep talk has be yawning. Ok, I’m off to bed!


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