“How do you balance it all?”

This question, I CAN’T STAND!!!

A lady, I call a friend but we barely know each other, but I sure wish I knew her more…Julie..used to own a specialty food business here in Denver (which was beyond delicious and sinful). She now works for a local marketing firm and recently wrote this article, The problem with “Mompreneur”.


(picture from The Condiment Marketing Co.)

It is dead on. I mean, she get’s it and I get it. This is what I am going through and have for the past 4 years.

Am I a Mom or an Entrepreneur? Why can’t I be both? Where are my priorities? Is this a real business?

Inserting the word “mom” into her job title implies that the business isn’t her first priority. It implies that her business is a hobby business, or a side job that brings in a little extra income for the family. It allows the press to continue giving lightweight accounts of women’s businesses and it gives the general public the perception that her business is lesser than one of a “real” entrepreneur.

Thank you Julie. I only wish I could still sneak some sweet snacks from your kitchen next door and share complaints about this world and its views of us women folk in the food biz.

-until next time, Kat


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