Kids Summer Bucket List 2016


Here is our bucket list.

I thought it would be fun for us to list some summery things for us to do. Some new things, never been done before and others worth doing again and again…like making ice cream and eating s’mores. I mean come on, there should be a list for year round activities with these on them.

My oldest daughter loved coming up with new things…she even woke from her nap listing a few more.


The hardest one that we have yet to complete is visiting 10 different playgrounds. We have our favorites, but I’m in pursuit. I’ll even drive them for 45 minutes to find a new one!

IMG_6311 (1)

There were some favorites by a long shot. Like riding horses, swimming and going to the beach. Gold metal winners for sure…sorry, I’ve been watching the Olympics.


We have added a handful of additions to the list without actually adding them to the list. I keep thinking that I am going to write everything down that we have done this summer, but then I forget. Typical, Mommy brain!


Our visit to Maine, continues to be something that we share each summer. We are so lucky to be able to spend a couple of weeks there and enjoy all that it has to offer. Traditions!

IMG_5609This right here has been my personal favorite. Our garden. We didn’t plant a garden last year due to moving and living in an apartment without any outdoor space…so I’m very happy with how these two raised beds turned out. The girls are equally as thrilled, each morning running out in the their PJ’s to check on the bounty. Eating tomatoes off the vine is just so cool.


With a few short weeks left in summer, we are eager to cross the remaining things off. What shall be next?

The girls love crossing things off our list…or is it just fun for me? Who cares, really.


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