Who are you, anyway?

Hi. So you are new around here? Me, too!

Since this is a very new blog, I thought a proper introduction was in order. I tend to ramble so get ready for a lengthy post.

I love any new adventure(s). I used to be a runner, getting back into it now. Love to down hill ski, camp, hike, try new restaurants and travel. I cherish my girlfriends, my alone time and just being at home. I love a good DIY project – more to come on the blog about all our house projects. I don’t watch much tv but I love a good Fixer Upper episode, Food Network and quick snip-its of reality show are always good too…

For the past 5 years, I have owned and operated and washed dishes for White Sparrow Food Company. White Sparrow is a meal delivery, personal chef, boutique catering business in Denver, Colorado. My favorite jobs are catering small parties and using my personal | private chef experience to consult clients. In the past few years, the business has focused strongly on gluten free, dairy free, soy free, paleo friendly and vegetarian diets. I have many client who have sensitivities to certain foods…hence the shift in my business and in my personal life’s food experiences.

During those last 5 years…I have also grown my family with two daughters, sold a home, lived in a tiny apartment without furniture, bought and renovated a ranch style home (where I now have my dream kitchen), had my appendix removed (random thought) oh, and I’m a wife too!

Where I am right now in my life, is where, I think, many woman travel too. I’m a Mom and that is what I want to do…I’m not sure if I want it to be my full time job though. I am very fortunate that I am able to be home with them…I remind myself all the time, that I don’t have the pressure to return back to work and I can have this flexible time in my ‘career’ right now.

I think sometimes about going back to work in an office and wearing nice fashionable clothes and then I think about working at a grocery store being surrounded by what I love, food! I also think about starting a health and wellness side to my business. I think about doing more personal chef work. I think about just being where I am right now. Maybe there will be a knock at my door with the answer.

Sometimes not knowing what to do can be the hardest. Or what consumes my mind. Not having that quick and simple answer is tough.

What I know for sure is, that I want to be as connected with my kids as much as possible. I want to be able to drop them off at school and be the one picking them up from school. I want to make them after school snacks and rush them out the door in the mornings. I also want to show them what hard work looks like and means. Show and teach them what women can do. Show them you can do anything you put your mind to…

And it’s not all about my kids, but that’s the space I’m living in right now. Some say I’m in the thick of it..but I think I’m seeing the light and can now do things for myself..that I couldn’t even 1 year ago, without feeling the guilt. I don’t have that guilt now..its just choosing which path to take for myself.

So there it is. I hope you will stick around to read my life adventures with my family, food and myself.



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