Top 10 Dishes To Bring a New Mom.

I used to be a prepared meal queen. Wait, I still am. This is my jam.

Bringing a new Mom (and family) a cute baby onesies is nice and all, but let’s be honest, what’s on her mind is what is for dinner. She wants something delicious, takes no effort on her part, tastes fresh, the whole family can enjoy and it’s nutritious for everyone..but especially for her recovering body.


Another tip: Make something that they can freeze for another time. When you drop it off to them, maybe they already have plans or are still eating Grandma’s food or want to save it for next month when sh*t hits the fan for real!

I’ve searched the internet this week and found some great recipes and ideas for what to make and bring a new Mom and her growing family. And while you are at it, double the recipes and make some for your family! Winning!


1. Spaghetti & Meatballs (Make some Garlic Bread to really win her over)

2. Texas Beef Chili (Add some cornbread to complete the meal)

3. Garden Vegetable Soup (Who doesn’t love a good hearty soup for the soul…great for lunch too!)

4. Thai Red Curry…and add chicken instead of fish, maybe?  (Love some homemade take-out that’s healthier and easy on the eyes)

5. Greek Yogurt Banana Bread (Grabbing food on the go is her new way of life…this gives her a great breakfast and snack)

6. Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas (Amazingness and very easy in a slow cooker – great frozen too!)

7. Chicken Quinoa  & Broccoli Casserole (Yes, I said casserole – this one is packed with protein and energy for everyone in the family)

8. Muesli Snacking Cookies (Well, who doesn’t love a good healthy for ya’ cookie. *these look amazing and I’m going to have to make these for myself)

9. Spinach Lasagna (Everyone loves a good lasagna..and one packed with some greens is always a good one. Great frozen and feeds a crowd)

10. Chicken Enchiladas (Chicken, Cheese and Tortillas – what’s not to love. Leftovers would be great too!)





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