What I did in one day.

Ok, so this post isn’t to boast, ‘Hey, look at all the things I did in one day, I’m awesome’ …it was more of a weird thing for me to look at the end of the day, while enjoying the peaceful nights alone on the couch after a long day as a stay at home mom.

So this is what I did. I decided that I would write down everything I did during a normal week day.

My life right now is crazy, like crazy busy. Taking care of two humans who need my help with a lot of things. My husband who travels or is gone at work for 12 hours a day. I run our house, everything on the inside and most things on the outside of it. But it can also be chill. I enjoy the flexibility that I have and that I can decide on what the day may bring.

On this day, I didn’t have a real activity planned for my younger daughter as I need at least one day during the week to stay at home and work on house stuff. I did decided to have our super part time nanny come over to watch her for 3 hours, so I could do somethings…plus she loves the attention from our nanny…

*sidenote. I strongly believe in having your children become comfortable with other people watching them. If it’s at your gym’s daycare or drop in child care or super part time nanny/babysitter at your home. Let’s be honest – it’s nice to be around different people sometimes. We could all use a break from each other every once in a while.

Ok, here we go.

  • 6:45 am Woke up, got into my workout clothes, didn’t wash my face
  • Put leftover coffee in microwave, made some detox tea, started to fry some bacon
  • Washed some dishes, cleaned up some random toys
  • Made my 4 year old’s snack and water bottle for preschool
  • Text my husband – who is traveling for a few days.
  • Wake up both kids. Change one poopy diaper.
  • Set out yogurt, water and fruit for one who starts eating right away. Trying to get the other kids up still.
  • Finish bacon frying. Turn on some music.
  • Bathroom for me.
  • Wake up second kid, again.
  • Make an egg, frozen waffles, smoothie and more fruit for me and second kid.
  • Eat. Microwave coffee again.
  • Get kids dressed. Argue about clothes and brushing hair. Some battles are worth fighting.
  • Put some mascara on. Make sure I’m wearing a bra.
  • Waiting for Nanny to come to watch younger daughter for 3 hours.
  • Shoes on kid.
  • Nanny is here. Run through anything new with her. Say goodbye to younger kid.
  • 8:03 am in the car, headed to preschool drop off at 8:15 am
  • Check in a school. Wait for teacher. Hugs and kisses. Back into the car.
  • Drive to workout place. Sit in parking lot for 15 minutes. Checking Instagram. Text husband.
  • Grueling workout for 59 minutes. Sweating, thirsty and tired but feel awesome.
  • Drive to Micheal’s Craft Store, Whole Foods and Target.
  • Forget my lists but I’m in each store for 8 minutes.
  • Drive back to preschool. 11:15 am pick up time.
  • Kid comes running out. Hugs.
  • Back in car for home headed home. Kid doesn’t want to talk about her day at school – I didn’t realized it started so early, not telling me things! **blog post on this sometime soon.
  • Oops forgot to go to the ATM for Nanny cash. Turn around. ATM stop.
  • Home. Greet younger kid. Kids play. Nanny and I chat. I pay her.
  • Make lunch for kids, while they play with their stuffed animals.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Respond to two emails.
  • Make milk sippy cup for one daughter.
  • Read two books on the couch with the kids.
  • Nap time for us all. Put the laundry in the dryer first. Wait, I haven’t showered yet.
  • Shower.
  • Nap time now. I’m up after a 25 minute snooze. Bathroom break.
  • Drink water and look at the dirty kitchen from lunch. Clean up.
  • Make iced coffee.
  • Check emails. Make a grocery list. Make a Target list – even though I was there today.
  • Order pictures to be printed online.
  • Research music classes for my younger kid.
  • Track Amazon packages.
  • Write birthday card for our nephew. Find cash to put in it.
  • Gather all our library books.
  • 3:15 pm Wake up kids. They chill in their beds for 15 minutes. Change diaper.
  • Snack time.
  • Find more library books.
  • Kids, books and me in the car to head to the library.
  • Return our books, and cruise to the kids section for play and looking at books.
  • Check out 22 more books for the week.
  • Head home – windows down, kids read books for our 1 mile trip.
  • Bathroom for me.
  • Pick tomatoes from our garden. Kids fighting about who holds the bowl.
  • Outside play time. I think about dinner…but I want wine.
  • Pour myself a glass of wine.
  • Water plants. Refill bird feeder.
  • Kids see neighbor’s dog outside and run to see him. Chat with our neighbor for a few minutes…oopps that was 30 minutes.
  • 5:30 pm Oh, it’s dinner prep time. Rush inside. Homemade pizza night, with frozen gluten free dough.
  • Kids set table while coloring on the napkins.
  • We eat dinner – takes me 2 minutes and them 22 minutes.
  • I clean up and pour myself another glass of wine.
  • Kids play and destroy our downstairs play room.
  • Check mail box. Junk.
  • Sweep front patio. Water plants.
  • Go downstairs with the kids. Glance through a few cookbooks while they put blankets on my head.
  • Play hide and seek. They can’t find me! Ha!
  • Basement clean up time. We only did half.
  • Bath time. Arguing about which towels they get. Sit with them for 20 minutes.
  • PJ’s for everyone. Yoga pants are the best.
  • Brush hair and teeth. Make another milk sippy cup.
  • Read books on couch.
  • One kid in her crib at 7:35 pm. Screaming for me while jumping and throwing her baby doll across the room.
  • Turn on a show for the older kid – a treat since I’m tapped out.
  • Check on younger kid. Passed out.
  • Do dishes. Text husband.
  • 20 minutes later – bed time for older kid. Short book in her room.
  • 8:18 pm finally able to sit down on the couch. Want ice cream but don’t want to get up to get it.
  • Older kid calls for me. Wants to talk about the bug on her ceiling and how I forgot to ask her to go potty before bed.
  • Watch random shows on tv and catch up on Instagram. Write blog post ideas down. Text a few girlfriends.
  • Remember the laundry in the dryer – that will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • 9:30 pm I’m in bed.

Holy smokes, that’s a lot of things. And I’ll do most of it all again tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow, I’ll get to shave my legs.

Night. Night.


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