Impromptu Friday.

img_8239Newly rearranged wall in one of the girls rooms. Enjoying the view.

Did you know that you are more likely to cut yourself with dull knives then sharp ones? Yep, its true. I try to keep mine super sharp…makes chopping so much easier and faster. And, if your knives don’t pass the arm hair test well, you need to have them sharpened.

I love booties. And with Fall in the air, I may need these

Rice Noodles are so good and gluten free! I made my version of Beef with Broccoli last night and we all chowed down. If you know me, I love Thai and Asian flavors and own about every paste, sauce, and spice there is to make them. Here is a great basic recipe to try rice noodles.


We’ve been going on a lot of hikes lately with the girls. I’ve been taking them out at least once during the week and then we get out once or twice over the weekends. Its been great. The fresh air does our bodies good.

We need a new coffee table badly. Because, well, we don’t have one right now. We love resting our feet on something while lounging on the couch. And let’s be honest, the couch is floating in our living room and needs a companion. I’ve searched the internet endlessly…found a few options. Gone to 4 different furniture stores and I’ve come up empty handed. It’s a pain. I’m usually impulsive – I find something I like and I buy it. Not this time. Help!




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