Impromptu Friday.


I made these Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps last Sunday for friends and family. They were a hit. Here was my inspiration recipe…I didn’t follow it all the way but it helped with my vision.

Calling all Denver peeps! YOU MUST GO to the Denver Central Market It is fabulous. Blog post coming next week ALL about it! I’m in love and I think the love goes both ways. I mean my wallet was working it hard along with my stomach. Can’t wait to go back!

I have Amazon Prime…and my wish lists for people are getting out of hand. This time of year gets me all nesting and wanting to give give give!

We are off on an adventure this weekend…and its kid free! Have you ever been to Carmel, California? I haven’t and I thrilled to discover the food scene, hiking trails and of course the most comfy chairs for relaxing! We are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary…haven’t really celebrated in a few years and I’ve made an effort to put some importance on remember these milestones! Interested in seeing what we do in Carmel? Check my Instagram..I’m sure I’ll be spamming everyone with all of my pictures.

Have a great weekend!


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