Impromptu Friday.

I am in constant amazement with how fast life travels, especially these days. The days with young kids taking up all your energy, needing you for so much but wanting to do it independently, and then there is everything else with life and living. Its crazy to me. I remember a friend telling me “The hours are long but the days and weeks are short”…so true! img_7421-1

All Mom’s need to follow or at least check out the blog Scary Mommy!

I LOVE sparkling water. I would go as far to say, that I drink at least 2 cans a day…and sometimes it reaches 4, if I mix it with ice tea for an afternoon pick me up. And I love the cans, grabbing them as I leave with the kids in the car.  I just read this article from the NY Times…Does if have a downside?

We are having 17 people over to our house for Thanksgiving! Yay! Can’t wait. It will be crazy, fun and of course we will have full bellies! So much to be Thankful for! I’ll be making this earthy salad and these savory pears…FOR SURE!

Can’t wait to share the cake that I’m making for my daughters birthday party tonight! How is she 4?

Have a nice Fall weekend!


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