Discovering something new.

You know what is pretty cool?

Discovering something new in a place you visit often…and realizing it has little to do with where you are visiting and offers peace and SO much imaginative play!

That’s a huge thumbs up for this Mamma!


During our recent trip to The Denver Zoo, we took a trip on the Train…it’s either that or the Carousel…and I usually side with the train since I feel like I’m going to vomit after a few hundred turns on the carousel.


During that quick train ride, we saw these trees (that looks dead, and might be, because they lack leaves) that are painted. Like the entire tree is spray painted a bright color. Then we saw a tree that was covered with butterflies. My 4 year old, turned to me and said “lets go find them”…I was equally as intrigued.


The Woodland Garden is hidden, next to the Carousel. It offers a small escape within the large zoo. No caged animals were seen, which was perfectly fine with my crew. Dare, I say tranquil? Well it was tranquil. We were the only people in this space. The girls ran around to each door, each tree and tried to count all the butterflies we saw.

And then we saw…


These small doors on many of the trees. Fairy houses, for sure.

I think you can tell the excitement in this girls run!


Check out all the little details. The stepping ‘stones’, flowered mossy entrance…


Do you see the windows?


And then there are the randomly placed doors. Doors to nowhere, but we cares. When you can open and shut them..or slam them. The girls quickly, created a game of running to each of them and opening and running through them.


It really was magically. I was in awe. It felt like we should have been somewhere else. Besides being right in the middle of the busy zoo. But we were there. And our time was great. This will be adding to our list to visit again.


And there were benches…for parents to rest on, I’m sure of it.

To you, Denver Zoo. Nice work and job well done! Thanks for providing some imaginary fun, a quiet space to run and explore and something a little less caged in.


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