Impromptu Friday

Phew, this week was a crazy one, but a good kind of crazy.

Our 3 year old turned 4…so I took her to her favorite place, the Denver Zoo. We had a nice party (on the day before her actual birthday) at our house with some of her preschool friends. So thankful we have met some great people in our community that have great kids. They all care about each other and leave the playground hugging each other. Melts my heart!

**Sorry to our Mommy friend, Jessica for photo bombing us with her cute bootie! Hope she doesn’t see..but she probably will..eeekk.


Fall in Colorado is strange. Wait. Weather in Colorado year round, is always strange. Bring layers where ever you go. Could be snowing in the morning and shorts weather in the afternoon. And speaking of layers, I’m loving this tee …a long sleeve tee!

I am continuing on my journey of figuring everything out. I mean, my life..right now. Like. right. now. Being a Mom is OH SO challenging and hard but also so lovely, rewarding and full of love…except when at 4 they tell you they don’t like you. But it’s all good. I am in a similar space I was a few months ago and I know it won’t last. Figuring out what’s important to me and what I want to do for myself. I don’t have that overwhelming pressure I have had in the past…so I’m counting that as progress. I have started to network…speaking with like minded people is so very refreshing and energizing. I am more open to change and willing to try new things. I also know, if I do start a new business or job, I may be the low women on the pole. But that’s okay, cause I know we can all learn from one another.

I don’t watch much TV but it is a time for me to completely zone out. Everyone needs to zone out sometimes….THIS IS US, is great. I have really enjoyed the first few shows.

I’m busy planning the rest of this years calendar for us. I don’t know why but I get this way every year at this time. Fall, nesting, weather, leaves…I’m not sure, but in Summer I don’t plan much but now I’m a planning queen. We have pumpkin patches to explore, costume creating, horses to ride, holiday craft projects and lots of house projects to dive into!


Footwear is super important…and we all want it to look good too. But I think sometimes that combination is hard to find. AND when I’m on my feet for long hours in the kitchen it’s a must to find comfortable shoes that are practical for kitchen messes (I make BIG messes), be supportive of your whole body, be cute, wear well and be functional (I think I just repeated myself)…anyway, check these out LOVE THEM! I wouldn’t wear them in the kitchen….but pretty much everywhere else!

Have a great weekend.


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