Read 1000 books before Kindergarten

Reading is very important to my husband and I. Okay, let me phrase that differently. We believe in reading often to our kids, letting them read to themselves…basically always having books around the house.

Its a great way for kids to explore their imagination, get to know characters, LEARN about so many different things…and have some quiet time!

Both of our kids can’t read yet, but they love to turn the pages. Tell us what is going on in the pictures. Ask questions about the characters and play ‘I spy’.

We visit the local library about once a week – I usually check out 15-20 books each time. Yes, that many! We can have them for 2-3 weeks which we love and take advantage of! Visiting the library also gives me sometime to explore some cookbooks and maybe check out a book for ME…yeah, I remember those days when I could finish a novel in a few weeks,…let alone 1 year!

During a recent library visit I noticed a sign, “Read 1000 books before Kindergarten”. My first thought was ‘cool’. But then I thought, ‘well, heck how can you keep track of how many books you read?’…that’s besides the point. Get reading with your kids!

Here are 10 books that our kids like…and books that we don’t mind reading over and over again!


1. Good Night Moon. A classic story that is a must in every child’s home library. I’ve been known to buy this book for new moms…great baby shower gift!

2. Make Way for Ducklings. Great story about a family of ducks, interactions with humans and survival on a small island in the middle of Boston. Plus, you can visit statues of the ducks in Boston’s Public Garden.

3. Madeline. A fun French story that teaches us about truth and sympathy.

4. MIX IT UP! Who wouldn’t love an interactive page turner? For the parents, you might want to skip the last page, where it asks you to ‘do it again’.

5. Angelina Ballerina. My girls love the dancing, friendships of all the characters and the gorgeous drawings.


6. Otis. A friendship between an old tractor and a young calf…their adventures and lasting friendship through the trails of farm life.

7. Dear Zoo. For younger readings, with flaps…learn the animals and make their noises..but don’t buy the animal at the end!

8. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. This is a new one in our routaion. A fun twist on weather and a town. Brings adventure and true imagination to our ever changing seasons and its weather.

9. Curious George. This ‘Complete Adventure’ book is filled with all the classic George stories. His curiosity, determination and independence is something I hope my girls will have!

10. The Little Engine That Could. I love the message in this book, ‘keep trying and don’t give up’…plus the kids love the toys and dolls.

I encourage all you parents, to read to your children as much as possible!


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