Oh thy Pinterest…

It can be a love|hate relationship. I usually like it!

Pinterest for me has been a huge tool of inspiration, organizing ideas and finding motivation. I am a very visual person and seeing do it-yourself projects, new recipes, halloween costumes, style ideas and any “how to’s” you can think of…basically anything life related can be found on pinterest.

Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming but visually for me, it’s been great! Narrow your search and don’t be pressure into creating things that are Pinterest perfect, may be the best advice, yet!


I love how you can categorize everything and quickly get to what you have ‘pinned’ to see your inspiration.

Recently, I started gathering ideas for our main bathroom renovation. Currently it is drowning in PINK…You may think, ‘hey, you have two little girls, this is perfect’…well it’s a bit too much of a good thing. Pink tile, pink tub, pink sink, brown paint …basically it needs a gut and some newness in there.

This bathroom is shared by our daughters and is used as our main house bathroom for dinner guests. I need it to be more functional for our morning and evening routines with 3 of us in there and be nice enough for guests to quickly use. I also need more storage and I want to be able to turn around without hitting my elbow or stubbing my toe on something.

Pinterest has been great for me to gather ideas for this project. Here is what I’m loving.

Loving this pattern…


And yes, you can search for TOILETS!!!


Some sort of reclaimed wood or raw wood will make an appearance.


Oh that tile. White which I love but in a great geometric pattern that adds interest.


On to more ‘pinning’ and more inspirtation. Thanks Pinterest!

You can follow me at SparrowFood on Pinterest, if you’d like to see what I’m liking!


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