Pumpkin Patching

Our perfect Fall morning came true last week.


Anderson Farms is located about 20 minutes north of Denver and is the best place for pumpkin picking in a real patch. We’ve been to some in the city, where they just drop a bunch of pumpkins off in a field and call it a patch…well this one is the real deal! It is totally worth the drive. They open at 10am and we were there right when they opened the gates.


My kids can spot or smell any type of animal from far away. Once inside the gates, they quickly ran to this corn before sprinting into the barn to see all the goats, chickens, llamas, and ducks.


Loved seeing the animals eating composted pumpkins. Let’s not waste, people!


The girls then noticed the tractor. And that’s basically the reason why we went, is to ride the tractor/wagon and pick pumpkins.


We were able to get a private wagon/tractor ride into the pumpkin patch.

Last year, there were about 45 other people on the wagon with us. This was a REAL treat. Bruce our friendly driver was so welcoming and patient with us.


Such a pretty ride down the dirt road lined with corn and changing leaves.

He dropped us off and gave us 20 minutes to choose the right pumpkin, then he would swing by and pick us back up. Again, another private tractor/wagon ride back to the main area of the Farm.


20 minutes was the perfect about of time. I mean, seriously with 2 young kids and a mom carrying all the pumpkins.

I did say that we could pick out 3 and that they had to be able to pick them up…so no super large ones that would win in a contest!


Probably the reason why I like this place is because of the different varieties of pumpkins they have. It’s really amazing. They of course have the standard large orange ones for carving but the fields are covered with white, green, and different shades of orange pumpkins…and they are all different sizes and shapes. We picked out 3 large ones but they are wide and almost squished looking.


“Mom, look at all those people on the wagon”. We were spoiled for sure.


They are both as big as a cow. Mama is proud!!


Then a major wind storm came through. Throwing up large amounts of dirt, dust and leaves. Seriously was crazy – so crazy that they closed the Farm down to more visitors. We enjoyed the time with small crowds but realized having dirt in our eyes and mouth wasn’t all that fun.


This was seriously so special and unique. There are thousands of people that go there each week, and we were able to enjoy it so peacefully and without fighting for pumpkins with random strangers (I’m sure it happens).

We highly recommend Anderson Farms for anyone in the Denver and Boulder area looking for the perfect pumpkin!


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