Impromptu Friday


On Wednesday, I posted a recipe, using things that I already had in my pantry and refrigerator. The Gluten Free Sausage & Chicken Jambalaya was a hit. And speaking of using what you already have. We had leftover beef from my, Slow Cooked Shredded Beef Tacos …which I froze.

On Sunday afternoon I use the leftover beef and made these Shredded Beef & Tomato Enchiladas.


Here is what I did: Thawed the beef. Shredded it, into smaller pieces. Added 1 8oz can of roasted tomatoes. Using our favorite store bought gluten free green chile sauce, I soaked corn tortillas in a bowl full of it. Added about 3/4 cup to the bottom of a glass pan. Then started to assemble the enchiladas. I added a little bit of beef and tomatoes and cheese, then rolled them up and laid them in a squished line in the pan. Added more cheese to the top and with some chopped cilantro. Baked for 20 minutes at 400 degrees uncovered. SUNDAY DINNER IS SERVED!!! Too me about 15 minutes to do it all. That’s my kind of Sunday family dinner!

And this week, I’ve been loving all things Holiday. Yes, I’ve been bitten by the bug. I’m loving this wooden Christmas tree star topper NEED IT!!!

THIS Vegetarian Lasagna looks and sounds amazing! The Kitchn does it AGAIN!!!

Someone asked me what is the first kitchen tool that comes to my mind that I can’t live without. So random but true. It’s a fish spatula …I don’t use it just for fish… it’s great for fired eggs, and flipping basically everything with perfection!

We have a low key weekend plans. Probably the last low key one before the Holidays!


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