Its all Washed Ashore…

I know what you are thinking? She is working for the Denver Zoo. Nope. My kids love animals and we have a yearly pass, so we go often.

I know there are a lot of controversies around zoo’s. AND I hear ya! Seeing some of these animals in small enclosures, in habitats where maybe they should be in cooler climates, the glass walls and….ok I’ll stop.

BUT… I understand that many of these animals need a place to call home and the zoo is the best option. Let’s be honest, it’s not such a bad place. They are getting great care from professionals, fed a balanced diet, have shelter and they offer a great education to all its visitors.

Like I said, my kids love animals. I am honest with them when they ask me questions about the animals. Like, where do lions live? I don’t say the zoo.

With all of that said and out of the way. We LOVE the Denver Zoo.


There is a great exhibit throughout the zoo right now (in addition to what I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, The Woodland Garden). It is called Washed Ashore. There are animal sculptures all around the zoo (and downtown Denver at Union Station) made from plastic that is found in the ocean and beaches. All of the plastic is collected from volunteers.


There are placks in front of each sculpture with its name and a brief description. On this one, they asked, “Can you find these marine debris items in this sculpture?” My kids quickly pointed them all out.


Equally amazed as my 4 year old, I couldn’t believe all that we saw. All the trash that we saw on each of them.


Creativingly captured and a well done art form!


Hello there Jelly!


Eye opening. Gorgeous creations made out of trash. Thankful that it’s not in or near the ocean anymore. Something has to be done.

img_8780Thanks Denver Zoo for showing us this. It is our reality turned into an art form. My kids have asked me so many questions about the materials of debris they have seen…so many good conversations have come from it.


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