BOOTS. I need some!

I know, thrilling topic. But this is real life for me right now. #momlife

I NEED some new boots. Like winter boots. Cute, functional, warm, easy and fast to put on and take off.

Side note: I live in Colorado, SO the weather changes my the hour, or minute sometimes. It’s snowing now, but in two days it will be 60 degrees out. So I don’t need a boot for major amounts of snow!  I love these from Sorel but until we move up to the mountains, I don’t NEED them…and there is a difference between NEED and WANT..I’m slowly learning!

Another Side Note: I’m from Maine, so I have the original Bean Boots! LOVE THEM!! But they aren’t fast to put on and they aren’t that warm. I do love them when I have thick winter socks on and I have some time to lace them up!

I LOVE these…I mean the look, size and name just says it all! “Out N About”


And then there are these. Love the Wedgie..but are they practical? Love the high boot, but I’m not sure I could take them off and put them on in 1 second, each. And the little slip on…might not be my taste.


I’m kinda of over (I sound like a teenager, when I talk like that) the Ugg look..but I do like these mini’s…again, quick one and off potential.


These might be THE ONE!! I love the heal and bucket details. I love the heavy duty look of them. I feel like I could wear them out (let’s be honest, I don’t go OUT a lot but I could wear them out). Jeans could go over them or in them – so skinny’s or wide leg (they are coming back, people). And they look warm and water proof…and are a good price. And their name is ‘Major’…kind digging them!

Ok, I’m texting my husband 🙂


oh, wait. A girlfriend just told me about these


What’s your favorite winter boot? I need help, clearly! Would love to hear what you love, like, hate, wish for…etc!!!


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