Why I’m loving Costco.

I recently started shopping at Costco again. I was a member 5 years ago but for some reason stopped shopping there.

Well, I’m back at it and loving all their new healthy, organic, gluten free and Paleo friendly and clean eating options…and not to mention all their cleaning supplies and paper products!


Paleo friendly products can some times be expensive and well, the bottles are small…BUT at Costco, look at the size of this avocado oil and mayo!!

Love that you can use Avocado oil with high heat…let’s be honest, that’s the only way to cook! ON HIGH!!!

And because you can always use more butter in your home, this double pack is SO worth it.


And when I shop, I’m usually hungry…that’s how those chips made it into my cart. SO GOOD! My daughter has been taking these single serve cups of hummus to school as her morning snack. And we eat eggs every morning in our house, so I’ve been searching for some in larger qualities and for a better price. Loving NestFresh!

Oh and I can’t forever Boulder Sausage. Not just because we live in Colorado and shopping local and supporting local businesses means a lot to me…it also helps that we love their breakfast sausages. So easy to cook, fast and delicious. My kids love them too!

And some items that I saw, that I will probably stock up on…organic Quinoa!

Loving this HUGE bag of chia seeds! Through in smoothies, baked goods, granola…and beyond!


GLUTEN FREE and SEA SALT AND CRISPY….some of my favorite words!


When I eat bread with gluten, I ALWAYS go for Dave’s Killer Bread…and this display stopped me in my tracks. Two loaves for under $8…that’s a deal, people!


Off to write my list for my next trip. Wait, what’s the point of a list, if you don’t follow it!

We are buying a tv (maybe 2 of them), a kids jacket and my car’s snow tires from them this year! Yes, I love the place!


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