Gift Guide: Kid Girl Edition

I love this time of year. Cooler weather, sweaters and clogs, comfort food, snow…and more family togetherness because we aren’t all running away outside. And of course gift giving. I love seeing people open up gifts that I know they will love. The wonder and pure joy in kids eyes as they open gifts are memories forever stored in my head.

I do have some guidelines when it comes to gifts for kids.

Quality over quantity is always a good idea with kids. They can easily get overwhelmed with so many gifts and most just enjoy the anticipation of opening them and moving on to the next present…without playing with the gift. I have found that a few larger gifts or quality ones are best…at least for my kids.

My other requirements…doesn’t make a lot of noise if any at all (like no batteries required) and doesn’t have 1 million pieces that will be lost the first time we play…

Here are some fun ideas:

Gift Guide: Kid Girl (ages 2-5) Edition

My girls love fairies. Building fairy houses in our garden and pretending they live in small places in our home. They would love this!


We have already talked a lot about taking the girls camping next year…we have been waiting until our youngest learns to sleep a little better. So we need some things to make it a little more home-y…and these chairs are just too cute!


Another camping or hiking testimonial is water. And the thought of the kids carrying something, makes me smile big. These Camelback Backpacks are the perfect size and can fit snacks.


And if you want to see anything on your adventures, you will need these Binoculars!!

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game. Who doesn’t love a good board game. This one is quick and fun that can be played in a short amount of time, over and over again!


Playing Baby and Mommy is something that is just apart of our day…like all day long sometimes. They might ‘need’ this high chair to make it more fun for feeding time.

Eye Found It would be a great alternative to I Spy for younger kids. Plus Richard Scarry is fabulous!

My girls, LOVE horses. So instead of buying the real thing, we are trying to prolong that and let them pretend with all things horses, until the moments arrives! This barn is super cute.


And then once you have the barn, you should have some horses and then probably a horse trailer

**Side Note: is a great way to create lists online and then share them with people who may be buying for you or your kids or anyone really! I’ve set up lists for both of my kids and myself. Storing things throughout the year and then email the lists to people, if they ask for ideas. Makes is SOOO much easier for everyone! Plus with Amazon Prime…shipping is included so you don’t have to wait in line at the post office!


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