Gift Guide: For the Foodie

So, I’m a foodie, if you couldn’t tell.

I thought putting together a list of some cool food related gifts, would be fun. Fun for me to see the latest and greatest and maybe expand my list a bit!

I’ve found some cool new and unique things for the Foodie who may already have everything AND basic kitchen upgrades for every kitchen!

This was fun!

Cool Kitchen Gifts for a Foodie:


Not only does it look cool, it has a function too! This Himalayan Salt Plate can be used on the grill, in the oven and chilled. Yep, I need it.


Every Chef (at home or pro) needs a good wok! I love a good stir fry and a deep and wide (stop that dirty mind of yours) one works best. It makes it easier to cook and give everything the high heat it needs.

220W Left

Oh I NEED THIS knife. Yes, I get excited about good knives…And you should too! Japanese kitchenware always has a place in every kitchen.


I love spiral ‘noodles’…plus my kids eat them up just like pasta. This KitchenAid Spiralizer attachment makes it all the easier to make lots of ‘noodles’.


Upgrading your pots and pans every 3-6 years (depending on use) is always a good thing. And this Classic Ceramic Cookware set is a great one to have.


LOVE this Olivewood Serving platter. I’m a sucker for wooden products in the kitchen. Food always looks good presenting on them!


It is Fast & Slow…yes, the Fast Slow Cooker. A slow cooker and pressure cooker all in one!

Basic Kitchen Upgrade Gifts: (upgrades to what they may already have)


Go Ceramic! It’s so easy to clean, even temperature throughout and did I say, easy to clean. That’s the first thing my husband said – since he usually does my dishes! This muffin pan is amazing!


You can always use more Wooden Spoons


I love grilling and this cast iron pan can be used indoors and outdoors. Proteins, vegetables and fruits will all grill evenly…plus it’s pretty!


A Marble Rolling pin makes better pie crust. Its the truth.


I love cooking on cast iron pans…and it just gets better with age! They come in all sizes…bring them camping, put them on the grill, in the oven or stove top! Just love them AND they last FOREVER!!!


And lastly, everyone needs sharp knives. This knife sharpener is fabulous. I owe it and love it. I can sharpen all my knives in less than 10 minutes.


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