Christmas Tree Hunting

We found our perfect Christmas Tree!

It is perfectly imperfect. Made by nature without any trimming to make it look more like a ‘Christmas tree’…it’s covered in sap, smells like the woods and lets just say, we have cried over it a lot already!


It was an adventure. We drove to Buffalo Creek, Colorado and set off into the woods in a permitted tree cutting area.

With a light dusting of snow on the ground, it just couldn’t be more perfect.


But then about 10 minutes into our ‘hike’, our kids decided that it was too cold and they laid on the complaining hard.

Ones feet were cold and didn’t want to wear mittens…the other wanted to be carried and was hungry.

The comments about hot chocolate making their feet warm was unreal. Who would have thought?


With determination, my husband and I basically said we weren’t going back to the car until we found our tree. So hurry up and find one.

Lots to look at. So many trees to consider. Ones some of us liked but didn’t win over the others.


Here is my husband standing next to the tree. Yes, it’s huge! And we all couldn’t stop laughing about how big it is…and NO we don’t have high ceilings in our house.

We love the natural look of it…well, becomes it is right out of the wood people. It’s not going to look like those parking lot varieties. And that works for us!


If you follow me on Instagram…you’ve already seen this picture. All of us with our enormous tree, getting ready to put it on our car!

Yes, we had to cut about 5 feet off of it before we loaded her up on the top of the car…and then trimmed some more when we were setting her up at home.


And what ‘hunting’ trip isn’t complete without roadside cookies. I had frozen oatmeal raisin cookies…but then decided to add chocolate chips right before I baked them. My husband’s comments were…”they are 100% better with chocolate” ha! ok, point noted.


After we all had naps, it was game on with setting it up and decorating. The kids went crazy, when they saw the boxes of ornaments. Such joy in the littlest and simplest things.


So this tree is 95% decorated by our kids. And I love it!


Yes the lights, could use some rearranging if you are particular.


I love how the ornaments really do hang and just don’t sit on the tree. I love how you can see through it. And how there is so much to look at with all the different lengths of branches.


Who sees the pigs butt?


This is now our second year doing this…so, now it’s a tradition!



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