Our Favorite Kids Christmas Books

Our kids love books.

And with Christmas around the corner, we have added some to our collection…


New favorites are these…The Great Spruce …a boy’s love for a tree and a city wanting it for their holiday celebration. A lesson in telling people what you want or don’t want. The Bear Family’s World Tour Christmas…shows how a family travels the world to see other fMyamilies ways of celebrating…with other bears!


An Otis Christmas..what’s not too love! My girls love Otis and the stories of his adventures with new and old friends. Santa is coming to Colorado…a fun way to bring some highlights of our great state to a children’s book.

And of course A Charlie Brown Christmas…this one has musically buttons that go along with the story. We don’t get much reading it…just pressing the buttons!


Of course the classics are always loved!

Hope you are enjoying this season. What are your favorite Christmas books?




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