Our Family Bucket List for 2017

Happy New Year!


Phew. I took the last couple of weeks off from blogging and I think that (along with some other things) helped me transition into the new year…with new energy and ideas for this blog, new creative vision for my chef work and of course being armed with our family bucket list helps too!

Instead of resolutions or promises, I thought a Bucket List would be more fun and maybe, just maybe we could stick to them. I know how resolutions can be hard to achieve..I just hope we can cross of most of these adventures off this year!


Most of these things are activities we can do as a family…but there are a few for us parents to do together for crazy different dates.

And, I know most of these things are specific to where we live in Colorado…**search your local area or state chamber of commerce for ideas in your state!


So here she is…

Family Bucket List 2017

  • Visit 2 National Park
  • Go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Go camping…like in a tent not at our house πŸ™‚
  • Hike a 14er (for Mom and Dad)
  • Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Go to the Rodeo & Western Stock Show
  • Attend the Arvada Kite Festival
  • Grow 4 new vegetables in our garden
  • Cook more meals as a family
  • Swim at night time
  • Plan a hiking trip with kid friends and parents
  • Listen to the Elk bugle in the Fall at Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Attend a Sporting Event with the whole family
  • Tour an Ice Cream Factory
  • Make an outdoor movie theater in our backyard and have a party
  • Join a Rock Climbing Gym
  • Visit the Colorado National Monument
  • Visit 2 new States
  • Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  • Eat something we have never tried or cooked before
  • Visit Tiny Town and Railroad
  • Horseback ride
  • Ride the Silverton and Narrow Gauge Railroad
  • Go Heli-Skiing (for us adults)

I’d love to hear what you have planned for you and your family! Do tell!

Wishing everyone a year filled with peace and happiness and setting goals and reaching them!





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