Impromptu Friday

What we’ve been up too!

For the past month, we have been busy. I mean besides celebrating Christmas – we did a lot of things. Here is a little recap.

We made 8 dozen cookies…gave most of them away to friends, family and work friends.


We continued our Friday Family Pizza night. Watching the dough cook is one of the best parts!


The girls started to dress a like. (the picture above, you will notice that someones pants are one backwards. This mama doesn’t care!)

**Side note, people ask me if I dress my kids. Nope. My oldest started when she was 2 1/2 dressing herself and her sister has followed in her footsteps. I love fostering independence..and frankly, if their hair and teeth are brushed, I’m happy. It also isn’t a battle that I want to battle. If they like what they are wearing, that’s important. Think about it. If someone dressed you, you probably would have a say or want to voice your opinion.


We hosted a Christmas Cookie Decorating party for 8 preschool friends! Decorating lasted about 4 minutes, followed by eating the cookies followed by 2 hours of play time. It was perfect.


I continued to bake a crazy amount of cookies and drizzle melted chocolate all over them. Thank gosh, I gave most of them away!


We enjoyed a snow storm the week before Christmas. My husband dug out a maze for the kids in our backyard.


We followed “Glitter” around our house for 24 days.


I catered a fare share of holiday parties.


Our oldest daughter went on her first bus ride to a holiday theater performance and pretty much thought it was the best thing ever!


We visited the Denver Botanical Gardens Light Show with my Mom…and it exceeded all our expectations…giving us more motivation to step up our light game next year.


My husband and I were able to sneak away for a morning of skiing at Vail. Fabulous day doing what we love together!


Ringing in the New Year at our friends house was perfect…along with these glasses that I know everyone is jealous of!


Happy Weekend, friends!


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