Impromptu Friday


Happy Friday, friends! Hope you all are having a nice year already…and I can’t believe this is the first Impromptu Friday of 2017…oops, it’s already the 20th.

**Warning…this post is oh so random. Brace yourself!

Since the New Year, I have been dedicated to a gluten free diet along with, no rice or beans or sugar…and I can really notice a difference in my body and my mind. Also, meal planning is rocking my world. Like in a good way. So much less stress on everyone at meal time. I am not going to the grocery store 4 times a week and I’m cooking better quality meals…yes, I still throw things together sometimes, but having my kitchen stocked with foods we love – well, that just makes it so easy! And I’m working on a lot of ONE POT DINNER – hopefully a huge post coming soon…because doing dishes is SO over-rated!!

I’m loving all things Zella. Love their running pants – which are ultra thin and stretchy and don’t move when you are movin’, shirts and sweat-shirts. I can’t get enough of them. They are the best leggings that I’ve ever worn…and I’ve tried many different brands!

Need inspiration in the kitchen? New ideas for quick and healthy dinners? Well, I do…often! I love CotterCrunch – I mean her photos are fabulous…and I am a food blog is fabulous and I always smile when I read the name – appropriate right? I’ve followed The Faux Martha for a while now and her simple photographs and helpful tips are so nice! And lastly, How Sweet It Is…she is too funny and her mouth watering combinations are a must to try!

I CAN NOT WAIT to dig into this cookbook. I met the author a long time ago – she is one of those people you could just pick up from where you left off, oh so genuine and her love of food and travel is contagious!


I eat eggs a lot…about 98% of my breakfast’s to date 🙂 Spinach, hot sauce and bacon are usually added too!


This is me, lately. Laundry never done – which who cares, at least there are some clean clothes to choose from. I have some makeup on, dirty hair – don’t care..holes in my favorite sweater and my current favorite scarf.

And I SO want to be a hat person, but I usually end up taking it off in the car, forgetting about it – that’s about the extent of my hat wearing adventures begin and end…There you have it!


I’ve been parting my hair down the middle, for about a year now. I don’t know what prompted the change but I’m loving it. I felt like I was trying to have a side part…like trying too hard! Ok, I know real useful bits of information you are learning about me right now.


Phew, it’s Friday, people! Have a nice weekend! See you next week…I’ve got some great recipes in store!


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