Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

So keeping to our adventure plan for 2017. We got in the car and made the 20 minute trek to this place – The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.


It is a little slice of preserved land…that is quiet (except for the occasional plane over head because it’s close to the Denver Airport), serene and just plan cool.


I was shocked, that we had never been here.

Check out that Buffalo. We saw 3 of them.

Even with the overcast skies, it was beautiful.


Our kids loved it. We took them on a short walk around a lake – full of fun bridges, tall grasses and scenic views.


We picked up these backpacks from the Welcome Center for the kids. Full of a fun scavenger hunt activities for kids – complete with a set of binoculars, a jar for bugs and rocks, magnifying glass and a few pencils.

I loved the added touch of these backpacks (plus they were L.L.Bean packs – I’m from Maine) to really help get the kids excited about exploring the outdoors. Plus, my kids loved carrying them – maybe because we put snacks in them.


I think they were motivated by the snacks. We do love food!


After seeing deer, prairie dogs, buffalo, a bald eagle and some poop…our morning adventure was complete!


Anyone that lives in or around Denver, it is worth a trip. Great for light hiking, wildlife viewing and some amazing views of the Western Mountains!



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