This is how I eat…

I don’t know if this is of interest. But for me personally, I always like to hear what other people’s daily eating habits are and how it works (or doesn’t) for them!


Every BODY is different so take this with a grain of salt. This is just how I operate on a normal basis.

At the beginning of the year, so 8 weeks ago my husband and I went strictly Paleo for all meals – like every food that enters are bodies had to be compliant. It is SO hard at first, but OH SO worth it in the end (whenever the end is).


(Here is a snack that I recently found – I’ve made something similar but these work when you travel, at work without food or simply don’t have time to make them yourself. Hail Merry makes a coconut ‘macaroon’ type snack PALEO)

I think it is a great way to recharge, reset and refocus on new goals and achievements in the new year!

We all know WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! And when you eliminate the toxin things – well you feel SO much better!


(Here is a typical breakfast, that I enjoy very much…and I don’t miss the bread or cheese. Spinach and mushroom omelette with bacon and coffee with coconut sugar)

After 2 weeks, I noticed how I didn’t need a sleep aid to fall to sleep. I also saw improvements in my skin, I wasn’t ‘puffy’ or bloated anymore and my energy levels were soaring! I lost a few pounds but through some new exercises, I’ve gained it back in muscle.

The biggest thing that I always notice is ENERGY!!! Around 12:30 every day, I would literally be SO exhausted that I was falling asleep while reading my kids a pre-nap story. Like I wanted to put them to bed earlier so that I could nap sooner. NOT anymore – I don’t need a nap – although there are some luxuries in life, you just need to take! Increases energy levels in every aspect of my life…a new pep in my step 🙂

During the holidays, we can all fall under temptation and loose track of our healthy eating habits. Not that we were eating junk food all day – but the excess of sweet treats, heavy meals and overload of holiday spirits…can all do a number on your body! And let’s say, we were both ready for a little recharge.


After going completely Paleo for 4 weeks, I started to incorporate more gluten free products back into my diet. Slowly.


(I found some great gluten free wraps, so I could fill that desire for a sandwich for lunch, instead of having a salad everyday! There are also some great PALEO friendly wraps available)

After a New Year recharge, this is how I will eat for the rest of the year: 

  • Moderate Gluten – no gluten in my sauces, always gluten free bread, crackers and other baked products. Saying ‘no’ to the bread at a restaurant!
  • Moderate Dairy – no milk, but I can’t help myself with good quality cheese. Everything in moderation! 
  • No rice or beans. My body doesn’t do well with beans…need I say more? And rice, while I would love some with my curry or stir fry – this ‘filler’ is SO not worth having. I always add more greens or meat if, I need too.
  • A glass of wine or two.
  • Coffee – always with a milk substitute and sugar substitute, if needed.
  • No sugar – Cane syrup, coconut sugar, molasses, and honey work great!

**When I go out to eat at a restaurant, I don’t worry about cross contamination – because I am not allergic to gluten. I choose gluten free salad dressing and meals without or with a little cheese. Again, everything in moderation.



What I believe to be true about eating:

  • Everything in moderation. I mean everything!
  • If you feel crappy, gross, tired or just plain awful after eating something. Take note! You might have an allergy or sensitivity. Either remove it from your diet and find an alternative…or temporarily remove it from your diet and slowly incorporate it back into your diet. Again, if you feel awful – you might want to remove it completely! Or get tested for an allergy.
  • Try your hardest not to eat your feelings. My Mom and I would text each other, when or if one of us was eating our feelings. I tend to now, drink more coffee 🙂 Stress, a major life event, work, family, kids…whatever it may be, could cause you to make poor food choices. And having one cookie or some ice cream isn’t going to hurt it – it’s the over indulgent eating your feelings, that I’m talking about.


What I also believe to be true…in life:

  • Get movin’. Get some exercise. There was a point in my life…well, like a few years where I didn’t do much besides diaper changing, breast feeding and getting no sleep – so I didn’t get much exercise. But I must say, it is truly amazing how it has helped me both mentally and physically! I mean who doesn’t like a tighter bee-hind with a sweaty face and a clear mind???!!?!?!
  • Get movin’ SOLO. I believe in exercising with friends and people who motivate you but some alone time never hurt anyone. A hike, run or fast walk down the street, yoga class or basement workout …or nap 🙂
  • SUN LIGHT. Does a body good. I’m not talking about getting sun-burnt every day, but some vitamin D always refreshes the soul and gives me some motivation…makes me smile too! Living in Colorado helps this too – love all this sun we have!
  • Be around like minded people. Surround yourself with loving friends and family, that support your choices or make similar ones! Being around positive people – has changed my overall spirit and zest.

So there it is. All 800 words




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