Impromptu Friday

This past Sunday, on CBS Sunday Morning – there was an interview with a girl scout, Charlotte McCourt. (Click on it to view the video)

The lesson of her interview – Honest advertising leads to record breaking sales… and their gluten free toffee-tastic cookies need a make over!


The quote that got me was…

Charlotte Thinks the Toffee-Tastic Cookies Are a ‘Bleak, Flavorless, Gluten-Free Wasteland’

I couldn’t agree more. We still have an opened box…only 1 cookie has been eaten. By me. And I won’t be having another.

Why do we still have a opened box of cookies in our house? Well, this NEVER happens. We like our cookies in this house. But unfortunately, these gluten free toffee-tastic cookies were a huge miss for our gluten free family taste buds. So bummed.

Thank you Charlotte for your honestly. After all, what is there without honestly?

In other news : White Sparrow Food Company – my Personal Chef business, has experienced lots of growth in the last few weeks. To much surprise and excitement…the biggest thing that I love about it – Well, personal referrals from my existing clients. When people say nice things about you or your work…well it just feels good.

What are your goals for 2017? Yes, it’s February 24th and I’m asking you this. It is never too late. I’m working on being more present and doing something new with my family each week.


This weekend I’ll be making this Molasses Cinnamon Raisin Bread… I need to check out this Paleo Cafe in Denver…Mmm…Coffee/

Have a great weekend!


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