Gluten Free Oatmeal Sampler

IMG_2170I love buffets. Don’t you?

I mean. Endless choices, combinations…you can eat dessert first. Think about it!


Ok, this isn’t a buffet. But there are endless combinations!


The first one is Frozen Blackberry with Slivered Almonds. That’s it.


I added a few fresh strawberries and sea salt.


Secondly, I made one with Raw Cacao, Almond butter, dried cranberries and raw coconut flakes…AMEN!


I think this was the best one!


Adding sea salt to this one too, was a nice touch!


Last but not least, is the Chia seed, raw walnuts and crispy dried apples…and a prune.


Because we all need a prune every once in a while 🙂 You know what I mean?


I love the crunchy walnuts and crispy sweetness of the apples..of course the chia seeds are amazing for you and the prune..well, I wanted another one!

And then you MUST add raw honey to what ever bowl you create. Just do it, you’ll love it. And can thank me later for that sweetness.


What are your favorite combinations?



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