Impromptu Friday

Phew, we made it through this week. I don’t wish week’s away or even days for that matter…this one was just an extra busy one with lots of unexpected ‘events’ that came up.

Hi, this is me. I know random picture.


Here are some things that I’ve been eyeing this week…

This Asian stir fry meets chicken zoodle casserole = a must make!!

I love a little help in the meal planning department and the Celiac Foundation has a great list for a 7 day gluten free meal plan! So helpful with easy to use/find recipes and you can make them your own way too!

I love a good dessert…without all the sugar, gluten and well bad fat…but rest assure, check out these for some inspiration.

I NEED more COFFEE. I say that a lot but it’s true. Check this Bulletproof coffee recipe out!

These Gluten free English Muffins look amazing…and I’ll be making my version this week

We NEED a new grill. I saw this one recently at Costco. I almost bought it on a whim, because that’s how a lot of my purchases happen. Oops.

IMG_1988 (1)

And lastly, recently I met some Denver food bloggers and I was in love. Ok, that sounds strange. It was like a first date – since I didn’t really know what they looked like and had only emailed one of them and never talked to the other. BESIDES the point! I enjoyed connected with them, listening to their stories,and answering their thoughtful questions. I left on a high with my brain moving WAY too fast for me to catch up. Finding new connections is one thing that I put on my ‘bucket list’ for this year – and making connections with like minded people who encourage and motivate each other is super cool! Bring it on!

Here’s to wishing and hoping for sicknesses to go away and healthy and happy kids (…and parents) to return!

Happy Weekend, friends!


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