Cookbooks for Kids

I get it. Cooking with kids is a love/hate kinda thing!

It tests your patience BIG time. At least it does with me.

But with a few tips…it can be enjoyable for everyone with some learning and mess making along the way! Start with a simple baking recipe – measuring, stirring and taste testing are usually the most fun parts!

During a recent visit to our local library, I found some great cookbooks for kids.

Our favorite was this one. The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids


I loved it all – literally every page was so thought out and creative. I mean look at these cute pictures! Strawberry Mops?!?!? HA, Love the idea!


My daughters laughed when they saw these rabbits sliding down the kale 🙂


We will be making…


Our second favorite was Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen


We read a ton of books in our house – my kids ‘read’ to themselves all the time. AND this book, well it basically brings both the loves in our house ‘cooking’ and ‘classic children’s stories’ together – COME ON!!!

This Secret Garden Smoothie is one we will make over and over again…pretending me are in the garden 🙂


And of course this one, National Geographic Kids Cook Book…because the food in letter shapes were a win for my daughters.


Food from your garden, planning a picnic and fun and easy recipes…the colorful pictures help too!

“Mom, this looks like you…except different”

Chefs and What They Do, is a fun book that highlights all what we, Chef’s do..hence the books title.



We are going camping this summer and I’m determined to try…Cooking in a Can


Get in the kitchen. Bring your kids with you. Take a deep breath and a glass of wine.

Have fun!


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