Its all Washed Ashore…

I know what you are thinking? She is working for the Denver Zoo. Nope. My kids love animals and we have a yearly pass, so we go often. I know there are a lot of controversies around zoo’s. AND I hear ya! Seeing some of these animals in small enclosures, in habitats where maybe they should be in cooler climates, the glass walls and….ok I’ll stop. … Continue reading Its all Washed Ashore…

Pumpkin Patching

Our perfect Fall morning came true last week. Anderson Farms is located about 20 minutes north of Denver and is the best place for pumpkin picking in a real patch. We’ve been to some in the city, where they just drop a bunch of pumpkins off in a field and call it a patch…well this one is the real deal! It is totally worth the … Continue reading Pumpkin Patching

Discovering something new.

You know what is pretty cool? Discovering something new in a place you visit often…and realizing it has little to do with where you are visiting and offers peace and SO much imaginative play! That’s a huge thumbs up for this Mamma! During our recent trip to The Denver Zoo, we took a trip on the Train…it’s either that or the Carousel…and I usually side … Continue reading Discovering something new.

Impromptu Friday.

I am in constant amazement with how fast life travels, especially these days. The days with young kids taking up all your energy, needing you for so much but wanting to do it independently, and then there is everything else with life and living. Its crazy to me. I remember a friend telling me “The hours are long but the days and weeks are short”…so … Continue reading Impromptu Friday.