Let’s talk PIZZA…and a GIVEAWAY!!

When I find a restaurant that I love…well, I need to share it! And when it is kid friendly and delicious, well I need to share it even more! Dining out with kids…well it isn’t always enjoyable or peaceful or relaxing…and you can’t carry on a conversation for more than 2 minutes before you are asked for a napkin or you need to catch your … Continue reading Let’s talk PIZZA…and a GIVEAWAY!!

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

So keeping to our adventure plan for 2017. We got in the car and made the 20 minute trek to this place – The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. It is a little slice of preserved land…that is quiet (except for the occasional plane over head because it’s close to the Denver Airport), serene and just plan cool. I was shocked, that we had … Continue reading Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Our Family Bucket List for 2017

Happy New Year! Phew. I took the last couple of weeks off from blogging and I think that (along with some other things) helped me transition into the new year…with new energy and ideas for this blog, new creative vision for my chef work and of course being armed with our family bucket list helps too! Instead of resolutions or promises, I thought a Bucket … Continue reading Our Family Bucket List for 2017

Our Favorite Kids Christmas Books

Our kids love books. And with Christmas around the corner, we have added some to our collection… New favorites are these…The Great Spruce …a boy’s love for a tree and a city wanting it for their holiday celebration. A lesson in telling people what you want or don’t want. The Bear Family’s World Tour Christmas…shows how a family travels the world to see other fMyamilies ways … Continue reading Our Favorite Kids Christmas Books

Nutella Bacon Crescent Rolls

So the title says it all! Seriously, 3 ingredients and you have yourself a special treat…I mean, it’s great for a snack with coffee, a ‘light’ lunch or dinner…and a kick start to your day for breakfast! It’s a dream. If dreams were in the form of food…this is a dream! So let’s talk details. Check out those layers, then you have the chocolate hazelnut … Continue reading Nutella Bacon Crescent Rolls

Christmas Crack

Every year I make a lots of holiday treats. We give them away to our neighbors, my husband work colleagues, our friends and our lovely neighborhood workers…i.e. garbage dudes and mail carriers. For the last few years, I’ve made a collection of different chocolate barks…because well it’s super easy, doesn’t take any oven time and it’s super easy and looks fancy. This year, I’m changing … Continue reading Christmas Crack