Impromptu Friday

A friend recently said to me “You have to follow this blog…and this Instagram account – you will love them” SO… Last week on Friday, I started a ‘Follow Friday’ on my Instagram feed. I am going to share other blogs, Instagram accounts and people/books that inspire me and who I generally love what they are doing…and they are totally worth sharing with you! I … Continue reading Impromptu Friday

Our Favorite Kids Christmas Books

Our kids love books. And with Christmas around the corner, we have added some to our collection… New favorites are these…The Great Spruce …a boy’s love for a tree and a city wanting it for their holiday celebration. A lesson in telling people what you want or don’t want. The Bear Family’s World Tour Christmas…shows how a family travels the world to see other fMyamilies ways … Continue reading Our Favorite Kids Christmas Books

Nutella Bacon Crescent Rolls

So the title says it all! Seriously, 3 ingredients and you have yourself a special treat…I mean, it’s great for a snack with coffee, a ‘light’ lunch or dinner…and a kick start to your day for breakfast! It’s a dream. If dreams were in the form of food…this is a dream! So let’s talk details. Check out those layers, then you have the chocolate hazelnut … Continue reading Nutella Bacon Crescent Rolls

Christmas Tree Hunting

We found our perfect Christmas Tree! It is perfectly imperfect. Made by nature without any trimming to make it look more like a ‘Christmas tree’…it’s covered in sap, smells like the woods and lets just say, we have cried over it a lot already! It was an adventure. We drove to Buffalo Creek, Colorado and set off into the woods in a permitted tree cutting … Continue reading Christmas Tree Hunting