Gift Guide: Mom Edition

Oh, gifts for me?!?!?! You shouldn’t have. YES you SHOULD!!! I’m not sure if I really want a day alone…like completely alone and a credit card without a limit or a day being pampered to death (well, not to death but I want the works…head to toe treatment). But for real, besides being with my family and doing whatever the day bring…here is what’s on … Continue reading Gift Guide: Mom Edition

Top 10 Dishes To Bring a New Mom.

I used to be a prepared meal queen. Wait, I still am. This is my jam. Bringing a new Mom (and family) a cute baby onesies is nice and all, but let’s be honest, what’s on her mind is what is for dinner. She wants something delicious, takes no effort on her part, tastes fresh, the whole family can enjoy and it’s nutritious for everyone..but … Continue reading Top 10 Dishes To Bring a New Mom.

“How do you balance it all?”

This question, I CAN’T STAND!!! A lady, I call a friend but we barely know each other, but I sure wish I knew her more…Julie..used to own a specialty food business here in Denver (which was beyond delicious and sinful). She now works for a local marketing firm and recently wrote this article, The problem with “Mompreneur”. (picture from The Condiment Marketing Co.) It is dead … Continue reading “How do you balance it all?”