Impromptu Friday.

I am in constant amazement with how fast life travels, especially these days. The days with young kids taking up all your energy, needing you for so much but wanting to do it independently, and then there is everything else with life and living. Its crazy to me. I remember a friend telling me “The hours are long but the days and weeks are short”…so … Continue reading Impromptu Friday.

“How do you balance it all?”

This question, I CAN’T STAND!!! A lady, I call a friend but we barely know each other, but I sure wish I knew her more…Julie..used to own a specialty food business here in Denver (which was beyond delicious and sinful). She now works for a local marketing firm and recently wrote this article, The problem with “Mompreneur”. (picture from The Condiment Marketing Co.) It is dead … Continue reading “How do you balance it all?”